05 October 2010

The Joys of Moving

Country Girl in the City is now in new digs, still in the city, but new digs. My apologies for being offline so long, but I had forgotten what a black hole comes with moving. I did a big purge of all my stuff to the benefit of the Salvation Army and the local VA hospital. It feels good to give and it feels good to have less clutter. The VA donation was the hardest. I am a true bibliofile, but my books couldn't have gone to better home. Now all I have to do is get unpacked. I'm making great progress, but am about boxed out. Then it's on to making some new duds for winter. (Where did the summer go?!) I picked up a couple of nice pieces of fabric on an expedition with mother last week and can't wait to get them all sewn up!

I haven't unearthed the research material for "Meet the Signers" yet, so it may be a couple of weeks before I continue that series, but be on the lookout for some other shorter pieces in the meantime.