20 December 2009

Home Sweet Yum

It’s fall. The weather has turned cool and crisp. Ok, so this trip home was a little soggy as well, but it’s still home. The leaves are turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red. And Saturdays are for football. But this time of year, I really know that I am home, when I go to the mill (http://www.parshallvillecidergristmill.com) and pick up hot out of the fryer cinnamon sugar doughnuts and fresh apple cider. The doughnuts are so light and airy that they melt in your mouth. The cider is so fresh that it tastes like you’ve bitten into an apple straight off the tree. So how do make sure the doughnuts are hot? They make them all day long, but I will almost always arrive 10-15 minutes after opening when that first batch comes out. Home sweet yum.

It really was fall went I wrote this. Here it is six weeks later and we’ve gone from brilliant colors to gray rain trying to pretend it's snow, but I can still smell the cider and doughnuts.

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