04 March 2011

I'm reading - The President's House by Margaret Truman

If you're enamored of the White House and like trivia, you'll enjoy The President's House. Former first daughter Margaret Truman takes readers on an entertaining tour of the people's house. She tackles everything from the evolution of the house itself, to the West Wing, the grounds, weddings and special events, presidential pets, the press and of course, the families and personalities who have called the place home.

Do you know how the White House Easter Egg Roll got started? Congress threw the kids off the Capitol grounds. The upset youngsters trekked down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and the Rutherfords opened the south lawn to them.

Did you know that President Coolidge had a pet raccoon? Her name was Rebecca.

Which White House groom couldn't get into his own wedding? President Wilson's daughter Jesse almost didn't get married. The security staff had been given instructions to admit no one without an invitation and while her intended remembered the ring, he forgot his invitation.

It's well worth the time for any history buff.

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