03 July 2015

Great Reads – Women Who Broke the Rules Series by Kathleen Krull

I am so loving this new series for young readers by Kathleen Krull. The first four volumes came out in June:

  • Judy Blume: Are You There, Reader? It's Me, Judy!
  • Sacajawea: Lewis and Clark Would Be Lost without Me
  • Sonia Sotomayor: I'll Be the Judge of That!
  • Dolley Madison: Parties Can Be Patriotic!
And they are delightful. 

I was particularly taken with the Judy Blume volume. I came of age with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing; Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret; Then Again, Maybe I Won't; Forever. By the time she hit the books stores, I was already so far beyond children's books that I was reading stories well beyond my experience so I devoured the books written for girls my age about the issues we were confronting. It never occurred to me that she was a charting a new course that would change the face of young people's literature. Thank you, Judy!

The Sacajawea and Dolley Madison volumes are age appropriate and provide a good introduction to both of these outstanding women of history.

I have less context to evaluate the Sonia Sotomayor volume, but on the basis of the others, there's no reason to suspect that it is not just as well done.

Country Girl in the City is patiently waiting for more (and I understand that there are at least two more already in the works, although a publication date hasn't been released).

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