29 April 2010

S. 3217 - Financial Regulations

It's being billed as banking and financial reform, but like so much else, we seem to be going about it backwards. There's all this talk about "too big to fail" and how do we keep the financial situation of the last couple of years from recurring. Perhaps the answer is not how do we prop them up so that they don't collapse but to bust them up. If they're that closely related that when one falls they all fall, isn't that a pretty good sign that there's collusion going on. And wouldn't that collusion indicate that these "megabanks" are running afoul of the country's antitrust laws?

As to the apparent delaying tactics being used to not open debate on the bill, grow up. I've been following the debate, unedited by the media, on C-SPAN and have yet to hear anything that could not properly be handled by an amendment. You're grown ups, stop throwing a temper tantrum and get on with it. Your toddleresque antics are not moving us forward.

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  1. Wish I'd seen this back in April. Well-deserving a hear-hear! I hope you decide to write more often.